Трос капота ВАЗ 2101-2107 (тяга-трос) Украина

Артикул: 9643

Есть в наличии 72 грн.
Цена за штуку

Доставка по Украине

Интайм, Новая Почта, Деливери


При получении заказа или на карточку Приватбанка


Возврат денег в течение 14 дней

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Номер по каталогу: 2101-8406156


- ВАЗ-2101
- ВАЗ-2102
- ВАЗ-2103
- ВАЗ-2104
- ВАЗ-2105
- ВАЗ-2106
- ВАЗ-2107

2 Комментария

No Problem.
How much is the total price?
What is the Snailmail, local post office in Ukraine?

Snail mail is another name of post service (local post office). Our post office named "Ukrposhta".
The delivery from Ukraine to Germany by "Ukrposhta" is expensive.
How many cables do you want to buy?

Can you send it to Germany?
I will take the extra delivery fee.

Yes we can, but you have to pay for it before sending. We are able to send in Germany by snail mail.